GiftTran MS

The ultimate loyalty card software.

Everything you need to set up a successful loyalty card program or gift card system.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs are the heart of GiftTran MS loyalty software. And we know that keeping customers is the key to any successful business and loyalty card systems are no different. Choose from visit counters, points to rewards, cashback and more to keep both your customers and merchants coming back for more.

But loyalty programs and a loyalty card are not enough, and coupons are one of the most powerful feature of the GiftTran MS loyalty software. They provide real value to your consumers and let your merchants entice visits to start off their loyalty program, keeping them coming back. And with coupon books and progressive coupons you can create a loyalty card that shines.

Combine all of that with a powerful, customizable website through the GiftTran Web Interface, and you can set up a successful loyalty card program that benefits both your consumers and merchants.

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Gift Cards

GiftTran MS is not just loyalty software, it can handle your gift card and cash card programs as well. With powerful expiration, tracking and merchant grouping you can easily manage your entire gift card program. And, as always, with no transaction fees, it will be easy on your budget as well.

Along with loyalty programs, and gift cards, promotions are a powerful technique to gain new consumers and keep existing consumers. And GiftTran MS provides all the tools necessary to manage them. From email blasts for free coupons, to mystery cards batches for sweepstakes-like promotions, GiftTran MS can handle them all.

Finally, packages provide a great way to combine your loyalty program membership with services that consumers want : sell a loyalty program membership, a coupon book and 4 dinner buffers as a package. GiftTran MS handles the rest, tracking everything necessary to bring the money from the customer and distribute it to the merchants.

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