GiftTran MS coupons provide real value to your consumers and merchants

Coupons are one of the most powerful feature of the GiftTran MS. They provide real value to your consumers and let your merchants entice visits to start off their loyalty program keeping them coming back. Coupons can have any business logic that makes sense for the merchant that that coupon is good at for example 25% of an entrée , Buy one combo get one free, or $10 of $50.

Coupons can be used in multiple ways throughout the GiftTran MS.

Coupon Books

Coupon books are a powerful concept in the GiftTran MS and provide the basis for many of our customer’s systems. They are either given away to consumers or the coupon book card is sold to the consumer for a yearly fee. A coupon book provides a huge set of coupons to the consumer and can be used at of the participating merchants. Each of the coupons in a coupon book can be individually set for a rollover period (for example monthly, daily, weekly, etc), or the entire coupon book can be set for a default rollover period. Coupons can be dynamically added and removed from a coupon book.

Each coupon in the book can have a quantity (the amount of coupons that can be used during the current rollover period). Coupons in a book can also have starting and ending dates to support seasonal coupons for a merchant. All of these features combine to create a powerful yet easy to use system for giving your loyalty customers the coupons they want.

Progressive coupons

A progressive coupon is a brand-new style of coupon that combines the giveaways necessary for your merchants to land new customers and the endurance required to keep them coming back. The problem with the deep discounts associated with the latest online coupon fads is that the do not breed a relationship between the consumer and the merchant. Once the consumer uses his 90% off an entrée coupon, there is nothing in place to keep them coming back. Progressive coupons improve on this model by giving the customer motivation to come back.

With a progressive coupon, the customer starts off with one coupon, then as they keep coming back to the merchant, they progress through a series of coupons that give them different coupons. By moving the customer through a series of coupons that can potentially get better and better he is more willing to stay loyal to the merchant. Progressive coupons can be easily created in the GiftTran MS and can be used anywhere a regular coupon is used.

Combing progressive coupons in a coupon book with a loyalty program that earns consumers more rewards is the perfect combination to forge a relationship between the consumers and the merchants. And by keeping both consumers and merchants happy you are sure to expand your loyalty enterprise.