GiftTran MS provides all the tools you need to design your loyalty card and gift card system

GiftTran Server

The GiftTran Server is the core component of the GiftTran MS loyalty card software system. Multiple dedicated servers are hosted with the advanced hosting provider SoftLayer and maintained and monitored by Debit Design Technologies own staff. Our dedication ensures the high availability and protection of your loyalty card system.

GiftTran Gateway

GiftTran Gateway is the premier tool for accessing your GiftTran Marketing Enterprise. Used by the merchant employees, it provides complete access and information about your loyalty card holders. Simplicity combined with power provides the ultimate solution for any loyalty card system.

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GiftTran Portal

The GiftTran MS is not limited to just retail locations. With the GiftTran Portal, you can significantly extend the reach of your network. Perfect for hotels, visitor centers and conventions, the 100% custom HTML-based GiftTran Portal will ensure that you can help your consumers quickly enter your loyalty system.

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GiftTran Manager

The GiftTran Manager is the ultimate tool for maintaining your GiftTran Marketing Enterprise. Designed for you and your merchants, it provides total access to your entire loyalty card system. And with direct access to your loyalty customers information you can make the final decision about their account.

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GiftTran Web Interface

A web presence is of utmost importance today, and by using the GiftTran MS combined with the GiftTran Web Interface you will be prepared to host your loyalty program with ease. And with the 100% custom API, you are not locked into the standard “gift card” programming interface.

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