GiftTran Manager

GiftTran Manager gives you ultimate control over your loyalty card system

The GiftTran Manager is the ultimate tool for maintaining your GiftTran Marketing Enterprise. Used by the you and your merchants, it provides complete access and information about your entire loyalty card system.

System management

The GiftTran Manager Dashboard gives you an all-at-once view on your system. Track transaction and card history with the dashboard charts. And the ever-expanding set of the dashboard lists can give you quick summaries of the status of your loyalty program. Using this page, you and your system administrators can keep your loyalty program running at full speed.

Report management

Reports play a central roll in maintaining your card-based loyalty programs. They can provide detailed transaction history for hardcore analysis or the GiftTran Marketing Enterprise PDF quick reports provide an “executive” summary view of your monthly system usage. And for the custom loyalty system Debit Design can design custom detail reports and summary reports via its consulting services giving you limitless flexibility in reporting.

Merchant management

The GiftTran Manager excels at giving you control over your merchant information. For example, using the merchant coupon page, you can customize coupon book quantities, rollovers, expirations and much more, on a per-merchant basis. This is just one example of how the GiftTran manager can help you manage your loyalty program.