GiftTran Gateway

GiftTran Gateway is the ultimate card management software

GiftTran Gateway is the premier tool for accessing your GiftTran Marketing Enterprise. Used by the merchant employees, it provides complete access and information about your loyalty card holders. Simplicity combined with power provides the ultimate solution for any loyalty card system.


GiftTran Gateway is small, but powerful. Upon startup the employee is presented a simple window for accepting either a card swipe or access the advanced card search mechanism. Using either method allows the employee to quickly bring up the customer’s account and access with the system’s loyalty program.


Once the card is opened, the employee can see all of the information associated with the account to help the customer make informed decisions about his available balances. The account details list includes customer demographics, account balances, and much more using the 100% customizable features of the GiftTran Marketing Enterprise.


Recording loyalty purchases, adding value packages, or simply adding gift card balances are all available with a single click from the card Add menu. And using the customizable features of the GiftTran Marketing Enterprises, the available values can be grouped to make the operations quick and easy for your employees.


The direct commands present in the loyalty dialogs walk the employee through all of the necessary information to collect for loyalty program processing. For example, requiring purchase amount on coupons or loyalty programs will provide you with valuable customer purchase tracking to guide your merchant’s resources.


By using the Debit Design Consulting services 100% custom scripts can be added to your merchant’s GiftTran Gateways. The result is almost limitless flexibility in designing your loyalty or card-based program. Add values to an account, ask questions to the employee, with GiftTran Gateway custom scripts, you can design a loyalty card system to do almost anything.


GiftTran Gateway was designed with portability in mind. This results in a unified interface on all compatible platforms. And with a touchscreen-enabled interface available, GiftTran Gateway will be sure to find a home in your merchant’s computer systems. Compatible platforms include : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE ARM, Linux, Android 2.1+ (coming soon), Mac OS X (coming soon).