Packages and Promotions

GiftTran MS makes managing your promotions and packages simple


Combined with loyalty programs, promotions are a powerful technique to gain new consumers and keep existing consumers. And GiftTran MS provides all the tools necessary to manage them. From email blasts for free coupons, to mystery cards batches for sweepstakes-like promotions, GiftTran MS can handle them all.

Mystery promotions allow you to set up gift cards with random values on them for promotional give-a-ways. Load 500 cards, with 400 having $5, 75 having $10, and 25 having $25, then send them out. Customers will come in to your location to see how much they won


Value packages are a great way to extend the the reach of your loyalty card. By packing multiple values into one, you can help promote your loyalty card membership with items that consumers want.

GiftTran MS tracks everything needed to make these packages work. It provides access to credit card authorization (like and tracks the customers money in all the way through the use of the items to give the merchants the monies that they get.

For the ultimate expandability, combine value packages with the GiftTran Portal. Package coupon books, loyalty card membership and golf rounds or dinner buffers. Then sell them at the local hotels, travel centers or restaurants. This will get your card in consumers hands in the places that they visit.